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Sify Technologies Placement Experience(2019-2020)

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·Apr 16, 2022·

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The Sify technologies company came to our college for placement.

There are 400 Students along with me who attended that pool campus.

They provide us the option to choose any one of the below domains.

  1. Cloud
  2. Network
  3. APP Development

I chose Cloud

For the 3 domains, round 1 is common. Round 1: Computer Based Online Test:

This round comprises four parts

  1. Aptitude MCQ ---- 15 Questions
  2. C code snippets--- 15 Questions
  3. verbal MCQ ---- 15 Questions
  4. OS, DMBS MCQ---- 15 Questions

The level of hardness for each question is easy to medium.

I was shortlisted along with 80 students. Round 2- Technical + HR Interview (Face- Face)

I have opted for the cloud domain. So my interview is gone like this

There are two interviewers in my panel

Tell me about yourself -

They asked me to explain the projects that I have done in college. I explained it from scratch.

Then they looked at my resume and asked me about fundamentals of oops concepts and use cases.

Later , they asked me about some subject related question,

What is normalization?

Name some Nosql database vendor?

what is the difference between Linux and UNIX?

Then they asked me about Data warehousing (I mentioned that Data warehousing is in my area of interest in my resume )

I explained the Architecture of Data warehousing with Uber real-time Data ingestion use cases

My interview went on for 30 minutes and here around 25 students cleared the interview. And after 15 days I received LOI from the company.

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