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Pre-requisite for Cloud Certification

Pre-requisite for Cloud Certification

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·Dec 3, 2021·

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Hello Readers! ,

If you are a cloud enthusiast or developer or techie or little bit heard about cloud technology, this post is for you.

Last month. I took AZ 900 Certification exam and passed!

What is AZ 900?

AZ900 is the certification provided by Microsoft azure. Bypassing the exam you can showcase the community of cloud computing that you are fundamentally familiar with the Azure portal and azure core services such as compute, storage, and networking.

Since I started my cloud journey last year, I have worked in multiple cloud service providers. In Cloud Computing, a lot of terminologies and use cases are familiar and valid with every cloud service provider such as AWS, Azure, OCI.

Before attempting the exam, you have to know the following terminologies and it's the use cases.


What is scaling?

Scaling is the process of increasing and decreasing the computer size depending upon the utilization.

Eg: Imagine Amazon / Flipkart's big billion days.

On that day, the company knows that the traffic to the application will be a little higher than an average day, so they configure their application to scale depending on the traffic.

In laymen's terms,

if 100 users login to the application, 3 to 5 servers will sufficient to handle the request.

What if 1 million users log in to the application simultaneously, we need more servers to handle that request and provide a better user experience to the customer simultaneously.

In that case, the servers are spin up behind the scene whenever the threshold is met.

it scales up (more servers are added) when more users are logged in.

It scales down (serves are removed ) when fewer users are logged in.

Two types of scaling.

Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling

Vertical Scaling ---> Increase the size of the computer server

For eg :

Before Scaling: 4Gb ram 2 Vcpu

After Scaling: 16Gb ram 4 Vcpu

Horizontal scaling ----> Adding the same size of the server, For eg:

Before Scaling: one server with the configuration of 4GB RAM 2 Vcpu

After Scaling: Add 4 more servers of size 4GB RAM with 2 Vcpu

In most production environments, the company will prefer horizontal scaling over vertical scaling. The reason behind it is that vertical scaling needs downtime to upgrade the server size.

Apart from Scaling, the following terminology and its use case, you need to know before attempting any Cloud certification.

High Availability


Data residency




Single Point of Failure

In the upcoming blogs, I will cover each and every terminology with its use case example.

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