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How to host a static website in S3?

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Prithivi Raj Kumar
·Feb 5, 2022·

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How to host a static website in S3?

Table of contents

  • 5 Pillars of Well Architectured Framework

Hey Folk,

In this blog, we are going to discuss how to host a static website in AWS s3.

Required Resources:

  1. AWS account

  2. index.html(root file for website )

  3. Domain(Optional)

Host a static website using the s3 URL.

Step 1: You have to log in to your AWS account and go to s3 services

Step 2: Create a bucket as per the naming convention (If you have route53 domain available , use the same name for your bucket)


Your bucket should be in the public


Step 3: Upload the file folders which will be used to host a website.

your objects should be made public



Step 4: Go to Properties, then enable the static website hosting and enter the root file name ie index.html, and error file (optional)


Step 5: Go to the properties. Copy the s3 URL mentioned below in static website hosting and paste it into the browser.



5 Pillars of Well Architectured Framework

1**. Operational Excellence

No Cost for First

  1. 5 GB of Standard Storage Per Month
  2. 20,000 Get Requests Per Month
  3. 2,000 Put Requests Per Month

2. Security

All AWS S3 Objects are by default encrypted by Amazon S3 master-key (SSE-S3)

3. Reliability

AWS provides 99.0 % Availability of our data.

4. Performance Efficiency

AWS S3 is scalable in Nature. we don't need to worry about scalability.

5. Cost Optimization

  • Delete files after a certain date that are no longer relevant.
  • Delete unused files which can be recreated.
  • Delete unused files which can be recreated.
  • Clean up incomplete multipart uploads.

6. Sustainability**

AWS S3 is managed by Amazon. They are providing sustainability of nearly 99.9 * 10^9 availability of our S3 objects


. . . . . . .

I will cover How to use CDN and Route 53 to host an S3 static website in AWS S3 in upcoming blogs.

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