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AWS S3 - old and evolving storage service

AWS S3 - old and evolving storage service

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·Dec 3, 2021·

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According to the Internet, Youtube capacity is 1 sextillion gigabytes of data

1 sextillion = 10^21 or 1000000000000000000000 GigaBytes

How Companies are storing the data in the real world?

Traditional Method - Buy Storage Device and store customer's data and repeat.

That's how Youtube does it, Bought the Disk, store the data and replicate depending on the views. so that latency will be less for most viewed videos when compared to less view rate videos

How google does that? - That's for another day.

Today, we will discuss AWS S3.

What is AWS?

Aws is one of the leading cloud services providers in the Tech industry.

What is S3?

S3 or AWS S3 or simple storage service is one of the influential services provided by AWS which provides infinite storage as a solution /service to customers

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Will you believe me if I told you that you can store that 1 sextillion data of youtube without buying any storage device? . . . . . .

(Hypothetically )

Today, You bought a youtube alike company, you want to store that a sextillion Gigabytes of data. you came to know about the revolutionary storage service S3 and you decided to use the S3 for the data storage

You may think

is it possible to store that much data in S3?

Yes, It is possible.

AWS S3 is providing unlimited storage as a service.

There is no official limit. if you don't believe me, check out below AWS docs.

Reference :

Use case

You have bought youtube and stored every data in S3. How much will it cost?

USD $2268077367.98 USD Per Month (Approx INR Rs158,765,415,758.6 ) (When compared to buying a storage device, this is comparatively less than 80 percent )


EndNote :

if your company is a startup or your business involves storing data of massive amounts. what are you waiting for?

Use AWS S3 which reduce operational cost and provide massive scalability

Voila, You started the cloud journey !!!!

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I would like to hear your thought as well. so do like and comment on your interesting use case for S3 in the below comment section.

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